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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The secret of my recordbreaking marathon handsfree, one leg cycling feat with cyclists cycling up and down the track

Letter from Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, verifying my cycling feats

One leg, <span class=Unbelievable football juggling feats/ on a bicycleCycling through 4 narrow metal poles, <span class=

The most difficult bicycle feat that I had mastered was cycling with one leg, handsfree, zigzagging across linear rows of metal poles, fixed between ten feet apart on concrete floor, at East Coast Park,and at the same time carrying a bicycle, using a Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

The bicycle feat was broadcasted in SBC(Mediacorp). Verified by the  executive producer, see letter below.

To master this feat I need to cycle hours and and hours handsfree, circling right and circling left, which I trained at Woodsville Secondary School.

After that I will train circling to left round and round and to the right with only one foot, handsfree.

I trained circling in and out of the basketball court 4 metal poles at Woodsvillle Secondary School, hours and hours.

I cycling on the football field handsfree and with only one leg. Later I borrowed a bicycle from a friend to train, with 2 bicycles.

I used to cycle at East Coast Park cycling track, up and down from the end to the end, hours and hours in my training. My recordbreaking feat was around 12 Km of tracks from one end to another end in around 45 minutes:

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I had the foundation laid because during younger days, I needed to wake up early in the morning 4 o'clock, to sent foods to my mother hawker stalls, everyday 363 days with the tricycle.

In front of the tricycle, which I put the food in the trays on it, covered it. And placed my bicycle on top of it. My mother sitting behind it.

After sending the food from Mattar Road to Sims Drive hawker centre, I cycled my bicycle to my school, at Upper Aljunied Technical School.

After school, I would cycled back to Sims Drive, picked my mother from the stall together with tricycles and utensils back. Rain or shine, even the tricycle tyres were flat. So these regular trips built up my stamina and endurance.

I started to ride a bicycle when I was 5 year old. I learned from a old man, who repairs bicycle at the road side stall, near circuit road. How he fine tuned the bicycle's spokes, wheels and using special lubricant to lubricating it.

I found out through my years of repairing my bike, rust is a great obstacle in cycling a bike. Which we need lots of energy to cycle it.

With many people cycle up and down the Marine Parade cycling track, I need to change speeds and direction fast without knocking on them with only one leg pedaling and not using my hands onto the handlebar.

It took me many years of training to perfect this feat.

The important part of making this very difficult feat a success, performing on that day when the video crew came to film it. On the day before, I had to spread a lubricating agent to all the moving parts and set/tuned the spokes and the wheels to optimal position.

The tyre air, was pumped to the optimal level.

To prepare and fine tune the bicycle to the optimal level, is very important. Any slight mistakes, I will injured myself, as these metal poles were set in concrete floor. I had injured myself before, doing this feat.

To lubricate and set the wheels properly, so I can change directions easily, zigzagging across the linear rows of metal poles, with little effort.

When I approached the linear rows of metal poles fixed on the ground. I gather enough moments, the speed should not be too fast or too slow.

I didn't use the handlebar, and using only one leg. And there is no brakes for me to use. I can only rely my hip to shift the front wheel to left and right directions, in split seconds. Any mistakes made, I will be hitting the metal poles.

Unbelievable football juggling feat/ on a bicycle
Photo of me in an interview with sport writer Janice Seah. (Click to enlarge it)

Featured in Singapore Press Holdings, Stomp: Singapore Seen- Last 2 image.

My bicycles skills and football juggling feats, were broadcasted by SBC(Mediacorp)
With the Executive Producer, letter comfirmation of what she had seen.

Singapore Book of Records, Mr Ong Eng Huat had asked me a few times to do it again.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

EXTREME SPORTS-RECORDBREAKING FEATS: Incredible Feat - Football juggling

EXTREME SPORTS-RECORDBREAKING FEATS: Incredible Feat - Football juggling

Incredible recordbreaking feats in football juggling in different patterns (criss-cross juggling with the heels, criss-cross jumping juggling with the instep & juggling the ball to the back and kick in back in front with the heels, together with other patterns etc)

(Using insteps, outsteps, thighs, heels, shoulders, head, back etc) handfree 3,400 times handfree in 1 hour and 20 minutes non-stop, without letting the ball drop.

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Recordbreaking cycling


Riding with only one leg, handfree, around the grassland at the same time carrying a bike

Handfree, legfree cycling across 4 narrow metal poles (Click t enlarge picture)

Stationery balancing handfree, at same time carrying a bike

Cycling with only one leg, jumping down of it, let it boomerang back and catch of it.

Stationery cycling on top of a concrete bench

Riding bike handfree, using only one leg across 4 narrow metal poles and at the same time carrying a bike

Click to enlarge pictures

Recordbreaking long distance non-stop handfree, one leg cycling record, was 12 km non- stop across a whole stretch of bicycle track, done in 45 minutes
together with cyclists cycling up and down the tracks.

The most difficult feat: Riding a bike handfree, with only one leg, zigzagging across linear rows of metal poles, ten feet aparts fixed on concrete floor and at the same time carrying a bike.

How it was done click to see:
Innovative ideas

The feats was verified by
TV producer in writing in
EXTREME SPORT, together with TV film crew. (Feats were featured in TV, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation(presently Mediacorp, World of Sports program)

Some interesting comments of my feats in Stomp Website (Straits Times):

When I ride normally I got more serious accidents, than when I do more difficult feats.

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