Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Recordbreaking cycling


Riding with only one leg, handfree, around the grassland at the same time carrying a bike

Handfree, legfree cycling across 4 narrow metal poles (Click t enlarge picture)

Stationery balancing handfree, at same time carrying a bike

Cycling with only one leg, jumping down of it, let it boomerang back and catch of it.

Stationery cycling on top of a concrete bench

Riding bike handfree, using only one leg across 4 narrow metal poles and at the same time carrying a bike

Click to enlarge pictures

Recordbreaking long distance non-stop handfree, one leg cycling record, was 12 km non- stop across a whole stretch of bicycle track, done in 45 minutes
together with cyclists cycling up and down the tracks.

The most difficult feat: Riding a bike handfree, with only one leg, zigzagging across linear rows of metal poles, ten feet aparts fixed on concrete floor and at the same time carrying a bike.

How it was done click to see:
Innovative ideas

The feats was verified by
TV producer in writing in
EXTREME SPORT, together with TV film crew. (Feats were featured in TV, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation(presently Mediacorp, World of Sports program)

Some interesting comments of my feats in Stomp Website (Straits Times):

When I ride normally I got more serious accidents, than when I do more difficult feats.

Various other recordbreaking feats in football juggling in EXTREME SPORTS

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